Knitting Lace Triangles is a 70-page booklet published by Fiber Trends that describes how to use any or all of four simple lace patterns to design triangular lace shawls. Out of Print.

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Doggie Portrait Dishcloths
Blythe Doll Clothes

Lace Mesh Triangular Shawl in Successful Lace Knitting: Celebrating the Work of Dorothy Reade by Donna Druchunas, published by Martingale & Co., 2010

Prairie Rose Lace Shawl in The Knitter's Book of Wool by Clara Parkes, published by Potter Craft, 2009

 Patterns in Print


Fiber Trends patterns are available at yarn shops, or you can order through two Seattle shops: Acorn Street Yarns  and Fiber Gallery

Baby & Child
Acorn Hat CH-37
Baby Basics CH-36
Estonian Lullaby Baby Blanket CH-41x
Ribbons Baby Blanket CH-44x

Bathtime Blossoms 224x
Bathing Beauties 215x
Dandy Dog Sweaters 211x
Felted Fido 225x
Heart Felt Expressions 223
Home Is Where the Heart Is Afghan 212x
Leaf Lace Throw 217

Aspen Leaf Scarf and Wrap AC-88
Cocoon Lace Scarf or Wrap AC-73x
Everyone's Favorite Hat & Scarf
Falling In Love Scarf AC-40
Oak Leaf & Acorn Scarf AC-41
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Paws to Remember AC-71x
Versatile Scarves AC-32

Angel Lace Shawl S-2018
Butterfly Garden S-2005
Edged With Lace S-2016
Estonian Garden Wrap & Scarf S-2009
Feathers Shawl S-2020
Flower Basket Lace Scarf & Shawls S-2014
Gypsy Shawl S-2019
Leaf Lace Shawl S-2010
River Scarf & Stole S-2006
Pacific Northwest Shawl S-2000
Peace Shawl - S-2001
Landscape Shawl & Scarf S-2002
Seascape Shawl S-2008
Sheep Shawl S-2003
Shoalwater Shawl S-2011
Spinner's Shawl S-2018
Spirit of the Southwest Shawl S-2012
Stars & Stripes S-2007
Field of Flowers S-2004

Acorn Socks AC-47
Butterflies & Blossoms AC-42
Chain of Hearts Socks AC-85
House Socks AC-34
Leaf Lace Socks AC-58
Lupine Lace Socks AC-77x
Raindrop Lace Socks AC-52
Railroad Rib Socks AC-51

Cobweb Capelets & Shawls AC-31
Crusher Hat AC-30
Easy Baby Blankets - CH-31
Winter Style AC-29

Quick Knit Baby Afghans #2894
Color-Splash Dishcloths #3394/#3925
Dishcloths from the Heart #3253
Trendy Knit Dishcloths #3892

Children of the World Shawl
Romantic Moments Lace Wrap & Garter P-A126D
Round the Year Scarf

Estonian Arches
Estonian Sampler

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